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South Indian Millets: How Ancient Grains Are Becoming Trendy Again

Highlights Millets are certainly not just a temporary fadThey are great sources of iron and fiberTheir low glycaemic index that makes them more suitable for diabetics

    I've always viewedhealthfood andsuper foodtrends with a smidgen of doubt. Many of these trends go around in circles just like fashion trends and I've always veered away from drastically altering my diet based on the flavour of the season. My curiosity around millets was sparked by Michael Pollan's ‘In Defense of Food'. Pollan speaks at length about how traditionalfood habitshave been eclipsed by processed food and the one thing all our diets ultimately succumb to – convenience.

It's probably the same reason why millets that have been intrinsic to South Indian diets were pushed out of the spotlight. My maternal grandmother always looked around for healthy alternatives and I still remember her obsession with finger millet (Ragi). It's one of the few millets that has remained a mainstream food in …