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The Millet Rises

In 2015, Mumbai-based engineer Anand Padiyar was diagnosed with diabetes. His doctor suggested switching from rice to millets. Since then, Padiyar has gradually shifted towards ragi mudde (balls), rotis and bajra porridge. “Ragi mudde coupled with rasam or sambhar and spicy pickle was the staple diet for many south Indian families for ages,” he says. “Now I have it for dinner. At first there was definitely a huge difference in my blood sugar count. But now it helps me maintain it and keep it in control with regular consumption (of other grains).” A group of small-seeded plants that have been consumed for centuries in the subcontinent, millets have recently captured the imagination of conscious eaters around the globe. India, the largest producer of millets in the world, is celebrating 2018 as the National Year of Millets. In August, Ashok Dalwai, CEO of the National Rainfed Area Authority, announced the launch of the India Millet Mission, a nationwide campaign to pr…