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SIISTI Little Millet / Samai Pongal Recipe

SIISTI Little Millet Pongal / Samai Pongal RecipeRecipe Cuisine:Indian  |  Recipe Category:Breakfast
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    |  Serves: 2

IngredientsSamai / Little millet - 1/2 cup

Moong dal / Payatham paruppu - 2 tblsp

Ginger - 1/2 inch piece, crushed

Turmeric - 1/8 tsp

Ghee - As needed

To temperGhee - 2 tsp

Pepper (Black whole pepper) - 1 tsp

Jeera - 3/4 tsp

Green chilli - 1

Curry leaves - 1 sprig

Asafoetida/ Hing - A pinch

MethodHeat a small pressure cooker with ghee, first pop pepper, add jeera the other ingredients together (green chilli slit) and give a stir. Add ginger, moong dal and fry for a minute. Wash samai, add it into the cooker. Mix well.Add 2 cups water, salt and mix well. Bring to boil and close the cooker, give 4 whistles in medium flame. Once done, let the pressure release by itself. Open and mash well. NotesFor 1/2 cup samai, 2 cups water is perfect, so do not hesitate to add.If its too dry, mix 1/8 cup hot water and mix.Serve hot with ghee toppe…

3 reasons to include ‘Pearl Millet’ or 'Bajra' in your diet

Bajra or Pearl Millets contains phytic acid, tannins and phenols, all potent antioxidants which help in preventing ageing and metabolic diseases like heart disease, stroke and cancer Pearl millet, or bajra, is a gluten-free grain that was underrated till recently. Now that its health benefits have been acknowledged, however, it has become a much sought-after food. Here are some reasons you should add pearl millets to your diet:
High in fibre Digestion is sluggish during the rainy season, so it helps to stick to high-fibre foods like bajra. It is loaded with insoluble fibre that provides bulk to the stool and keeps constipation, a common problem during this season, at bay. 
Heart friendlyBajra is rich in magnesium, which helps keep the heart healthy. It has potassium, which dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily. This helps reduce overall blood pressure. Bajra also has fibre that helps reduce LDL, or bad, cholesterol. Magnesium helps control the glucose rec…

SIISTI Millet Porridge Recipe | Porridge with SIISTI Millet Flakes Malt Powder | Quick & Healthy Millet Porridge

SIISTI Millet Porridge Recipe | Quick & Healthy Millet Porridge
- Time - 5 mins
Serves - 1
Ingredients :
1. SIISTI Millet Flakes malt Powder - 

2.  Palm Jaggery /Jaggery (Recommended to use Palm Jaggery which is substitute for sugar)
3 . Milk
4 . Cardamom powder
5.  Almonds

Millet flakes malt powder - 2tspDry roast for 3 mins till it changes to golden brownadd 100 ml of milkadd palm jaggery or jaggery (as a substitute for sugar) - 1tbspadd a pinch of cardamom powdermix well with no lumpsboil till it thickensadd to servesprinkle almonds for taste
Millets Porridge - Healthy and Tasty