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Replace Sugar With Jaggery In Your Tea For These Amazing Health Benefits

Highlights Excessive sugar intake can cause your body more harm than goodJaggery can be used in place of sugar in your teaJaggery is also considered as a remedy for cold and cough Sugar is one of the most commonly used and easily available sweeteners across the world. However, when it comes to its nutritional properties, it is not-so-healthy. Do you happen to be a tea lover who often ends up putting a lot of sugar in their tea? If yes, then it's time to limit its consumption as excessive sugar intake can cause your body more harm than good. There are a lot of alternatives to the same, however, the best of all is jaggery. You'd be surprised to know how beneficial jaggery could be if you use it in place of sugar in your tea. Even though sugar and jaggery both are made up of the same source, sugarcane, one is healthier than the other. This is primarily because sugar is a refined form of sugarcane and jaggery is more natural and non-refined. Jaggery has a lot of other a…