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Our Range of Millet Products and Health Benefits

Health benefits of Millet Flakes

1. Rich in Iron, Fiber
2. Antioxidant
3. Gluten Free
4. All our Products are 100% Natural
5. No Additives, Preservatives, Pesticides, Insecticides and Colors added 

We sell the following seven types of millet flakes and red rice flakes:

1. Seven Types of Millet Flakes and Red Rice Flakes
2. Five Types of Millet Rava
3. Six Types of Millet Flour
4. Five Types of Millet Vermicelli

Pearl Millet Flakes (Bajra)- 250 GMs

Ragi Flakes - 250 GMs

Kodo Millet Flakes or Varagu Aval - 250 GMs

Little Millet Flakes or Samai Aval - 250 GMs

Sorghum Millet Flakes (Corn) or Cholam- 200 GMs
Wheat Flakes - 200 GMs
Red Rice Flakes - 250 GMs

Barnyard Millet Flour - 500 GMs

Kodo Millet Flour - 500 GMs

Little Millet Flour - 500 GMs
Barnyard Millet Rava - 500 GMs

Foxtail Millet Rava - 500 GMs
Kodo Millet Rava - 500 GMs

Little Millet Rava - 500 GMs

Foxtail Vermicelli
Foxtail Vermicelli - 200 Gms

Horsegram Vermicelli
Horsegram Vermicelli - 200 Gms

Kodo Millet Vermicelli
Kodo Vermicelli - 200 GMs

Little Millet Vermicelli
Little Vermicelli - 200 GMs

Finger Millet or Ragi Vermicelli
Ragi or Finger Millet Vermicelli - 200 GMs

Note: we will supply all these products in bulk quantities. 
For Trade enquiry please contact us at: 
+91 701 351 2892 


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